Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kuusuma is getting bigger

Is it possible for a puppy to grow this much in a week? Little Kuusuma is still afraid of stairs. I don't blame him, entirely, given that running and walking is still tough for him to figure out. He will be running happily and all of the sudden will trip and tumble, head over heels, for no reason other than his feet got in the way. I suppose it is wise then, that he stays away from anything verticle in nature for the time being. And truth be told, his paws are growing disproportionately to the rest of him. He is like a puppy in clown shoes.
We had a wonderful play date again yesterday. Kuusuma got what my mom used to call "a case of the rips", when Spock, our rambunctious and loud Sheltie would run frantic circles at high speends around the house, taking himself, and anyone else down that dared to get in his path. Kuusuma developed a similar circuit, which included pausing to dig in a hole and hurdling over stumps. He is hilarious!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hard to say goodbye

Mia and I spent a lovely day together, but a bittersweet one knowing I might not get to wake up with her nose in my face (or the more pleasant, Mia's entirety sitting on my face) for quite some time. I'm happy knowing that she will be ecstatic at her parent's return, and only hope that she remembers me and doesn't grow up too much before I see her next!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kuusuma the puppy!

I had the extremely distinct pleasure of getting to walk a new puppy for an hour! Kuusuma is as close to teddy bear as a dog can be and may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. He greeted me with thousands of kisses and cuddles. We attempted to talk around the block, but he did not seem to fully grasp the concept of a "walk" . I carried him half of the way home and then retired to the backyard where sticks and balls kept us occupied for the remainder of our play date. The youngster also does not understand how stairs work just yet, so I had to lug him up and down to the second floor apartment. Bull Mastiff's grow to be very large, so I do hope he learns to love stairs eventually or his poor mom will have to install an elevator!

But she hates the rain

I got home Thursday night from work, aware that Mia would greet me excitedly at the door, and then cheerfully request a walk. As soon as we stepped out the door the dreary drizzle turned into a hateful downpour. Mia crouched lower to the ground, put her tail between her legs and ears back and looked up to me with confusion and sadness. The rain pelted even harder and she promptly turned and ran back towards the door.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mia loves fall

Today actually felt like fall. Though yesterday was cold and rainy and the unfortunate side of season, today was that cool, sharp briskness that makes scarves necessary. We both enjoyed the smell of wood stoves and Mia had a blast chasing every fallen leaf that blew past. We took a long walk around the Charles tonight and I am surprised at how much earlier the sun is setting than just a few weeks ago when I was here.

Mia has been perfect this time around. She hasn't chewed a single shoe or undergarment yet. She keeps my feet warm too, as the fall air keeps me a bit colder during the night.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oktoberfest and a new friend

Mia and I are completely exhausted.
We decided to check out the Oktoberfest celebrations in Harvard Square, and walked all the way over from Boston. Not only did we enjoy a nice long walk, but Mia also enjoyed all the sights and smells of dozens of food stalls, children and bands. I don't think she has much German in her, but she did seem to get a kick out of the attention she received from the hundreds of people in attendance. We debated buying a new hat or scarf, but ultimately decided to save our money.
After wandering through the stalls and people we met up with Laura, Andy and my darling dog-nephew Jack. They invited us to their house for dinner, hosting Mia with some delicious dog food while we human folk dined on an impressive "Torta Rustica" (vegetable filled bready casserole, of sorts).
Mia and Jack got along amazingly well, and they were both so sad to part ways. I've never seen a dog whom Jack has been so enamoured with!(though most animals, and people, take to Mia right away)! We had a wonderful evening and can't wait to have another play date with Mia's new boyfriend.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A warm welcome...

Mia welcomed me back to her home with several minutes of happy slobbery kisses on my face. I think she's grown bigger and sweeter. I love when dogs remember me and act so excited to see me. Mia and I have a special bond, and though she takes up a lot of my pillow space, I'm so glad to be back with her for a few days!